Friday, February 6, 2009

Team Two Wheel 2009 Predictions - Rider 3

Inspired by Bob Roll, here are some of Team Two Wheel's predictions for 2009.

From Rider 3:

1. There will be serious efforts to put together at least one of John Speare's suggested races from his Out There Monthly February column.

2. Rider 2 will be greeted more than once as "Quicksilver".

3. Rider 2 will only think it is funny the first time.

4. SpokeFest will have 2,500 riders and the weather on September 13 will be perfect. Again.

5. Frozen Flatlands will have to use a snow-plow to prepare part of the course. Again. Mark Starr of David's Pizza will do the honors. Local riders will beg Baddlands Cycling to consider hosting a weekend race later in the year.

6. The P2P Paris-Roubaix fundraiser will move to the Steam Plant Grill. Fabian Cancellara will win the race. Again.

7. BikeSnob NYC will visit Spokane, anonymously, to see what cycling outside Brooklyn has to offer. Rider 1 will consider outing him just to make his prediction come true, but he won't.

8. Everyone who reads this will want to buy a "Fortitudine Vincimus" t-shirt when they become available later this month.

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