Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Great Day for Ice Fishing

The five other riders that agreed to show up for today’s ride may have some reason to be a bit annoyed with me this evening. I sent out a note encouraging others to join us, in part to bask in the glorious 45 degree weather that was a certainty based on the forecast. Turns out I was looking at a web page with Seattle’s weather, not Spokane’s. It was most definitely not 45 degrees.

Then again, there should be some sense of personal responsibility. I don’t think I know a single cyclist that doesn’t have a series of online weather pages bookmarked, have at least one thermometer at their house, or doesn’t have the cable channel number of the Weather Channel memorized.

But it’s always better to go outdoors to ride, and really, it wasn’t that cold. Of course it was cold enough for ice fishing, but who’s keeping track. 

I'd love it if someone could explain the appeal of ice fishing. I'm sure there's satisfaction in getting hammered (allegedly) and spending the afternoon attempting to snag a creature that may or may not be sentient, while it exists in a state that's as close to torpor as it can get. Actually, that doesn't sound satisfying, but then again I find it fun to ride around in Lycra in freezing conditions, swilling energy drink that causes tooth decay, and finishing wanting to get to a state that's as close as possible to torpor. 

From Team Two Wheel

Uncle Larry, Bob Who Loves Climbing and Nick the Legend turned out to join for 50 miles of fun. Riders 2 and 3 were there too, of course. Rider 3 and Nick earned a few extra suffering points by battling in the wind on their cross bikes. And especially when the wind picked up halfway through the ride, something tells me their more upright positions and 38c tires made the ride that much more brutal.

To irritate people (in a kind way, of course) I sometimes pop out a few lines that certain coaches, and some riders, like to spout off about. “What you’re feeling right now is the sensation of weakness leaving your body,” is one. “Pain only makes me stronger,” is another. When you’re suffering, comments like these are not constructive.

Today’s gem was “Cycling doesn’t create character, it reveals it.” Without missing a beat another rider replied with, “So I guess it’s been revealed that I’m a total p*ssy.”

Amen, brother. I’m tired.

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  1. thank you for a unexpected three hour tour.
    "if not for the courage of the minnow's rider 1 and 2 crew, bob who ? loves climbing would have been lost."