Monday, February 9, 2009

Dr. Spalm

Dr. Spalm - I received an e-mail from a Team Two Wheel rider inviting me to join in on a group ride last Sunday. Shortly thereafter there was a follow-up e-mail asking the distance and time for the ride. This e-mail went unanswered.

I now read on the Team Two Wheel blog 1) that I should not believe any information in their e-mails and should self-determine the circumstances of the ride; 2) that Ice Fishing and cycling don't mix well; 3) that this was a very long and hard ride and 4) they use bad language on their rides.

Why would I ever want to go ride with these guys?
Prefer Langlauf

Dear Langlauf Preferrer - We must each make choices in life. Sometimes those choices are good ones and sometimes they are bad ones. In this case, Rider 1 made a bad choice to not give a correct weather prediction and then made an equally bad choice to blame anyone who believed him. That said, however, anyone walking outside knew that it was not 45F, so I don't feel too bad if you showed up and kvetched about this particular point.

It is true that most seasons do not allow for people to ride bikes and ice fish at the same time. This may mean that it is better to wait to ride your bike until after the ice fishermen have stopped drinking beer and sitting on ice and they have instead started drinking beer and sitting in their boats. The problem is that you will be suffering while those out for early rides will be punishing. Again, we each have choices to make in life.

As for their language, we can hope that this story was either apocryphal, hyperbole or that this rider is now banned from the group for such transgressions of polite society. We can also hope that this anonymous rider makes better choices in the future.

Yours truly,
Dr. Spalm

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