Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Team Two Wheel 2009 Predictions - Rider 1

Inspired by Bob Roll, here are some of Team Two Wheel's predictions for 2009.

From Rider 1:

1. Lance Armstrong will manage to finally get some media coverage. It's about time.

2. The Vertical Earth Cycling team will expand again giving us the opportunity to race against a team that makes up two-thirds of the entire field.

3. Rider 2, a.k.a., Quicksilver, will dominate many group rides and pick up a couple of race wins this year.

4. The identity of the scribe of BSNYC will be revealed.

5. Michael Barry will get a big win!

6. or Bicycling will review a Pinarello and include a stupendously stupid statement similar to this, "With every turn of the pedals, I could feel the bike's Italian heritage . . ."

7. Dr. Spalm will be offered a book deal.

8. Two Wheel Transit's new shop in Browne's Addition will be really, really cool.

1 comment:

  1. If anything please let number one come true....It is about time he got his 15 minutes...