Monday, February 16, 2009

Lance's TTX Stolen

For better or for worse, Team Two Wheel canceled bike riding plans for Sunday. With snow on the ground and rain in the forecast, it seemed like the right thing to do. The expected rain didn't materialize until much later, so maybe it was the wrong call, but if my trainer time was indicative, it is a good thing I skipped a group ride. Despite 4 - 5 hours on the bike the prior weekend, the following week held zero bike or trainer time and overindulgences justified by Valentine's Day were weighing heavily on me while I sweated out a weak, slow, miserable 45 minutes on the trainer.

In place of a ride, Team Two Wheel got together to make some plans and "chamois sniff". This isn't as sordid as it sounds, nor do we need to call in Dr. Spalm to clarify. Rider 1 calls time spent gabbing about pro cycling while NOT riding a bike "chamois sniffing". With the arrival of the racing season and the start of the Tour of California, we couldn't help talking about what the field looks like and where things are going this year. As a former race team manager, Rider 1 has limited tolerance for all forms of "chamois time" that is not "saddle time". Let that be a lesson to us all.

So, back to the post title. As we were breaking up our meeting, Rider 1 commented on a recent article about Lance's comeback bike. Readers may recall that Rider 1 is very attuned to the measurements and adjustment of his bike and noticed that his bike set-up was almost identical to Lance's. I now find out that Lance's TTX bike is missing from the Tour of California. Coincidence? Let's just say that if Rider 1 is very reticent about letting you see the interior of his garage, there may be something to it.

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