Monday, June 1, 2009


This is a new realm for me, but I want to make a few bold predictions about cycling events that will take place on Sunday. You may know that I am a long-time follower of professional cycling. It is hard not to cynically dismiss the sport when yet another doping scandal emerges, but I continue to find myself drawn to it. The backdrops are beautiful and one can rarely predict what will happen, however, today, I am going to predict what will happen. Also, I am not going to go all namby-pamby on you and give you a list of potential winners, I am going to tell you who is going to win. Feel free to contact your bookie after reading this column.

Giro d'Italia - Dennis Menchov will win. No, this is not a bold prediction as it has been assumed that he would win even if he was behind Danilo DiLuca going into the time trial and he is ahead by 20 seconds. But I am predicting that the projected rain will in fact fall on the tricky, technical and cobbled Rome time trial course which will cause Menchov to switch to his road bike and the safety of better handling and tires with more grip. DiLuca will keep his time trial bike knowing that he has to have every second he can get. Also, DiLuca will go all out for the first time check to try to spook Menchov into taking chances. Unfortunately for DiLuca, he will be overcooked in the first few minutes and lose time to Menchov for the remainder of the course, EXCEPT, when Menchov falls on the course, but he will still manage to keep his advantage over DiLuca and win.

Also, in a surprise win that has more to do with weather and fatigue, Lithuanian newcomer Ignatas Konovalovas will win the time trial, narrowly defeating Brad Wiggins who was the last hope for Garmin-Chipotle redemption.

In other bold predictions, I think that Taylor Phinney will pull away from a group of about a dozen to win the Paris-Roubaix Espoirs, a running of this famous race for U223 riders, and that David Millar will post his first win of the year in a race in Scotland called the Edinburgh Nocturne, a race which a Pro Tour team should be embarrassed to attend.

My prognostication abilities are now worn out for the day, so please don't contact me to ask whether Susan Boyle or dance troupe Diversity will win Britain's Got Talent(okay, I say Diversity) or whether Adam Lambert is will announce in Rolling Stone that he is gay (okay, I say no). Now, please, I really am tired and I want to get my rest for checking the news reports in 24 hours to see if I am right.
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  1. Brilliant! You should get into political punditry. You obviously have the vision and style down pat, but you'd make a lot more money.