Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest post: An accessory for every occasion

Note: While this could set a dangerous precedent, Wife1, wife of Rider1, has offered to contribute a post today. Enjoy.

The great challenge for cycling spectators and spouses is that once the athletes are festooned in spandex shorts (or maybe my favorite - the sexy singlet!), logo-filled jersey, shorty socks, helmet and glasses, they all look the same. If I could remember what color jersey Rider1 wore that day, or even which bike he rode off on, I could use that as an identifier, but honestly, between the different arm warmers and wheels and other assorted bits and pieces, there are way too many colors of which to keep track.

But now – problem solved!
Thank you, Rapha, for providing a quick and easy solution to my dilemma. Now, with one small purchase, I will be able to tell Rider1 apart from all his friends. Behold: the cycling neckerchief.

So small! So silky! And yet, so sartorially superior! With this swatch of cloth, Rider1 will no longer suffer the chilly neck, and the family support crew will have a new cheer: Daddy, Daddy! He's so natty!

Rapha explains that the silk scarf doubles as a luxury brow wipe. In a pinch, it will doubtless wipe other things luxuriously as well. Cheerio!


  1. Will Two Wheel Transit be offering these? I have a vision of Riders 1, 2 & 3 dropping these onto the ground after races for gobs of fans to fight over like a guitar pick from the Beatles.

  2. Well, unfortunately Rapha's silk neckerchiefs are a bit more expensive than a guitar pick. So no, we won't be handing them out as swag. But you're welcome to Rider3's soiled washcloth. Word is it's nice and ripe...Or feel free to offer Rider2 a foot massage after the race.

  3. Finally! No more riding home with just one sock!

  4. I thought she was going to suggest putting him in that pink jersey.

  5. I suppose one could wear this neckerchief IF one has a pretty pink jersey to pair it with...