Friday, June 5, 2009

Riding Again

I am not nearly as PRO on my bicycle as my teammate, but I am glad to report that I am at least riding a bicycle again after an extended hiatus.

Last weekend I got back on the bike, I think for the first time in May. It was too long of a break and I have had some serious backsliding on my form. Not that it was that great, but believe me when I say that four weeks off is not good for one's race-readiness. So, last weekend I took off my semi-permanent t-shirt that reads "Help, I've fallen off my bike and can't get back on" and pedaled around a bit.

In a classic bit of idiocy, I was getting quite pumped up about getting back to riding, but I pulled a very rookie move. On Friday, after getting home from a bit of time single skull rowing (the second time on the water since my college days of rowing 6 days a week for four years), I watched the Mt. Vesuvius stage of the Giro. It was an impressive display with attack after attack after attack on those steep slopes. I have never, ever been able to accelerate and recover on a mountain slope. My style is pure big diesel: find an RPM I can sustain and then plow along (usually at 4 - 10 mph) until it's over. So, after four weeks off the bike, but knowing that I was going out Saturday with some inexperienced cyclists who I thought wouldn't be testing me too much, I decided to "attack" every steep "ramp" between my house and the starting point. The total elevation gain was significant (Latah Valley to upper South Hill for those of you around here) and I enjoyed gunning up the one block or two block long ramps. I was pretty toasted by the time I made my way up 14th to Bernard, but glad to be back on the bike.

The not glad part came the next day when my thighs were reminding me of what an idiot I can be.

I was also happy that my weekend plans, after eliminating cycling for a number of prior weekends, allowed for riding again on Sunday. At least my brain was happy. My legs were heavy and sore. So what did I do? Sure. I took a trip up to the top of the Valley Chapel hill. Who said "slow and steady wins the race"? How about "all in for idiocy" as a replacement? Or how about, "no pain, no gain, so this much pain must be great for me"?

Anyway, it's nice to be back on the bike.
Rider 3


  1. so what's happened to you guys?

  2. We unfortunately needed to take a short bereavement leave. Our form died a sad death and we needed time to grieve. Thankfully we're back now. Thanks again for your concern and prayers.