Friday, June 26, 2009

Bike Racing in Cheney. And Spokane.

I pasted an e-mail below that I received earlier today. In case you hadn't heard, the State Master's Criterium Championships are in Spokane this weekend. Actually, they're in Cheney, but if you live in Spokane it's close enough to ride, and the race is being organized by a Spokane-based club, so I'm OK saying that the race is in Spokane. That makes sense, right?

The good people at the Spokane Regional Sports Commission somehow forgot to mention that on Sunday, Spokane is also hosting the State Master's Road Championships. I could be sarcastic and say something like it's hard to keep up with all of eastern Washington's road racing, but I'm sure it was just an oversight. The folks at the SRSC are very cool and are also great boosters of cycling. So instead I'd like to thank them for sending out a news release about bike racing. I think it's probably the first one any news outlet has received this year. Seriously, bike racing here needs more of this kind of attention.

Anyway, if you're interested in watching riders suffer at high speeds, head to Cheney on Saturday. For an added bonus, on Sunday find your way to northwest Spokane and watch a bunch of riders suffer up Four Mounds Road. For a map, click here.

All of this news about racing has me very excited. Kind of like the Tour de France, but with older riders. Except for Lance Armstrong. He's old enough to ride with the Masters here, but then again he's not from Washington state. And he's professional. And he's actually in France right now, getting ready for the Tour de France. Which starts in Monaco. Monaco is really close to France. Kind of like Cheney is really close to Spokane. Except people in Monaco tend to have a lot more money than people in Cheney. Or Spokane. Or France for that matter.

I on the other hand, despite having bike measurements that are almost identical to Lance's do live in Washington. And I'm not a professional, even though I used to work with professional cyclists. Which makes me eligible to race (the first part of the last sentence, not the last part of the last sentence), which I'll do. What's interesting (to me) though is that I've been to both France and Monaco. And Spokane and Cheney. Speaking of which, Monaco is really hilly. So is the race on Sunday. But alas, my time in Monaco won't have helped me for the race this weekend. Neither will the three days I spent in San Francisco earlier this week for work. San Fran is also hilly, but I didn't ride once, so the hills there won't have helped build power for the climbs in Spokane. Neither will the copious amounts of food I ate or alcohol I drank in San Franciso. Although it's also true that Spokane has similar kinds of food and fluids, and I could have masticated and embibed unhealthy food and drink here as well. But I didn't, because I wasn't here. I was in San Francisco.

Anyway, have fun this weekend and good luck if you're racing.
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For Immediate Release

Suzanne Boyce


June 26, 2009

WA State Masters Cycling Championships This Weekend In Cheney

200 cyclists, including local riders, compete for championship

(Cheney, WA) While the city of Spokane is hooping-it-up this weekend, Cheney will be spinning with the best master cyclists in the State during the Washington State Masters Criterium Cycling Championships on Saturday, June 27, 2009. A technical 8-corner, 1-mile loop through downtown Cheney will be the course for 200 cyclists vying for "Best in Washington" honors.

Michael Emde, local rider and recent winner of the Davis 24-hour Challenge held in the Sierra foothills near Sacramento, California, will be competing for another gold medal win to add to his growing list of cycling accolades.

This race also features the Washington State Junior Tour Race Series, a chance for local youth racers to compete against the best in the State on a challenging course. Come watch the excitement!

The schedule of events is as follows:

Junior C/D 9:00AM
Junior A/B 9:40 AM
Master Women A 10:30 AM
Master Women B 11:25 AM
Kids Bicycle Races 12:15 PM (free for kids ages 9 & under)
Master Men D 1:00 PM
Master Men C 1:50 PM
Master Men B 2:45 PM
Master Men A 3:45 PM

Click here to view the course map.

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About the Spokane Regional Sports Commission

The Spokane Regional Sports Commission provides leadership in economic and community development through sports. Our vision is to position the Spokane region as the premier site for adult and youth sports events, generating a significant economic impact and improving the quality of life, while bringing prominence and recognition to the Inland Northwest.

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