Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am so PRO

Yes, I realize that I've just used that all-cap abomination, but this time I can back it up. No, I haven't "upgraded" to a compact crank. But trolling the internet cycling news pages has proven that, without a doubt, I am totally PRO.

Need proof? Well, of course you do. Because like any good reader of the blogosphere I'm confident that you would never take a blogger or news reporter at face value. Unless you're a fan of Rush Limbaugh, but don't get me started on that one.

Anyway, back to my newfound PROness:

  • Rider 3 alluded to this once before, but one day while reading up on Lance's fancy Trek Madone I realized that we are literally millimeters away from having the same bike position. Seriously, I could probably hop on his bike and be mostly comfortable. Wow, Lance could totally be my gregario. How PRO would that be? And I just used gregario in a sentence. Also very PRO.
  • Today I learned that Alberto Contador hasn't raced since mid-April. Holy crap! Me too! Alberto es mi hermano! Como estas, Alberto? Let's practice our pistol-shooting victory salutes together. Again, totally PRO to have the same-ish race schedule as AC. (Even if I have actually raced since mid-April, it feels like it's been that long.)
  • And then I learned that after doing some TTT training with his Silence Lotto team, Cadel Evans did an extra hour of work on his own. Check this out. Last time I rode with the Morning Ride guys, I felt like I too needed to expend some extra kcals and tacked on an extra 20 mile loop. That's right, more proof of my PROness.
I'm on to something here, and it's something big.

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