Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Round-up

I have a confession. I have lost the right to be a cycling blogger as I have apparently fallen off my bike and can't get on again. It has now been one solid month since I was on my bike. Those of you who are astute will notice that this month contains Bike To Work Week. Those of you who are close readers of this blog (Hey Dad!) will also notice that my lack of riding has not stopped me from jabbering about cycling most of the time, but I have to confess, the well is running dry. I think in addition to having something to say about riding, it is also the time on the bike that gives me the time and space to ponder something to have to say and the combination of organizing my life to have time to ride and the ride itself combine to allow for the creativity and energy to say something. Apparently stress and tequila are not suitable substitutes for sleep and cycling. Who knew?

Anyway, my lack of riding hasn't keep me from still thinking about cycling every day. So today I thought I would share some of the things that have crossed my way and made me think about cycling recently.

Websites - I love that the Giro is being covered daily on Universal Sports. But I can't obsess about mountain stages and watch them from 4.30 - 8 am the way I can with the live TdF stages on Versus, so I have to decide whether to NOT look at any cycling websites during the day and watch coverage that night, OR, steal a lot of the entertainment factor of watching and read about it ahead of time. The best compromise is reading the Live Coverage on They do a minute-by-minute coverage that must be like what people experienced sitting next to the radio and filling in the gaps with their imaginations. I can't see the stage, but I can see it in my mind. It is oddly fulfilling.

BikeSnobNYC - BikeSnobNYC is a man among men. Actually, I would guess that in real life he is small and slightly effeminate, but not too effeminate. Like Rapha effeminate, where you get the masculinity of being dainty, but only sorta. Anyway, the point is that he is a cycling commentator to be admired as he stands above the rest. While he gets a bit too deep into NYC arcania sometimes for me to fully comprehend (being a farm-fed westerner and all), and his knowledge of graphics arts and 80's and 90's punk/rock/metal music would indicate a professional or semi-professional knowledge that again is too deep for me to fully grasp, he is spot on with his observations of our cycling silliness. Also, today, he has a link to many male cyclists fantasy. Let's just say that Menchov didn't have the right viewpoint to fully grasp, no, fully appreciate his podium companions.

FatCyclist - Yesterday's post on racing, but not racing, is the best of Fatty. He sees and wonderfully articulates the stuff we experience on group rides, but may not understand or appreciate until Fatty elucidates it in his own way.

Boulder Report - I usually make snarky comments whenever I mention Bicycling Magazine, but today, I am going to forgo that opportunity and just compliment them on the Boulder Report. Great commentary, great writing, very interesting.

Competitive Cyclist - The What's New is the official column/blog of CC. They are the ones that mentioned the Boulder Report, but they are also a great look at the inside world of the cycling business (not to mention occasional forays into full-blown 80's racing nostalgia).

Livestrong Videos - The Boulder Report does a great job of discussing LA's media mastery, including his refusal to talk to reporters but tweeting and vlogging to his heart's content, but putting aside that issue, take a look at the videos with some great cycling personalities. Micheal Barry is today, and his bookishness comes through strongly. Jens Voigt was earlier this week and his humor comes through strongly. Dave Z. was a bit earlier and what can you say about DZ other than he should have a radio or tv program like Mystery Science Theater 3000 where he just says stuff. I would be inclined to get stoned for the first time in a couple of decades and just listen.

So, here are some of the ways I have been keeping cycling close in my heart, and now, this weekend I get to keep it close to my ass again. I am truly looking forward to it.
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