Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avoiding raindrops

This is a game I used to have to play in Boulder all the time. You leave on a ride at a time when the weather is looking especially ominous, then spend your time sprinting away from storm clouds. In its own way, it's actually kind of fun.

I came home from work a few nights ago intent on getting out for a ride. It was a long day with perhaps a few extra frustrations thrown in. But it was especially humid, there was occasional thunder and rain was definitely on the way. Yet it was sunny at my house. To add to the excitement I broke two spokes on a long ride over the weekend, (piece of crap three cross traditionally built wheel only lasted 13 years) so I was rolling around on my all-carbon race wheels. Regardless of what some people seem to think, cork pads and carbon do NOT work all that well when it's wet.

Anyway, it looked sunnier to the south, so south I headed into Spokane's Hangman Valley. I ended up keeping my eye on the various rain clouds, heading left or right where I could to avoid them.

Not only was it a great ride, but I stayed completely dry. Good for me. After all, I wouldn't want my fancy wheels to get dappled with road grime. They're much too fancy for that.

I realize my camera phone is lousy, but here's a pic from the Palouse Highway, overlooking Hangman Valley that probably does a better job at what I've been trying to describe. For all of you non-Spokane readers I wish you could see this valley. It's so green and beautiful right now. You're missing out.

From Team Two Wheel


  1. I like your post, Andrei.

    On an 1800-mile bike tour across the western states (many years ago), I rode through rain on 15 of the 17 days. No dodging those storms. I even got shocked by my break levers while riding though a Wyoming thunderstorm.

  2. Sounds like a brutal experience, but a good memory. It's also a great way to justify having everything carbon on your bike--no more metal to act as a lightening rod! Just kidding.

  3. Yes, good observation. I wussed out of the Wednesday 5PM "Elk Ride" because I feared rain. But I'm actually writing to apologize for nearly crashing the T2W Tuesday night; I think Paul was OTF, so it must have been Andrei. So speaking of avoiding things, you may be trying to avoid me now. Sorry.

  4. No worries, Mike. Stuff like that happens. Somehow I managed to keep things upright, so no harm. You guys rode a good race, btw. Nicely done.

  5. Have to love those far off storm shots.