Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shop Rides

Last year Team Two Wheel hosted one Shop Ride. We left from Two Wheel Transit at about 5.30 pm and did the 7-Mile Bridge/Riverside State Park loop. We had about a dozen people and had a good time. For a variety of reasons, we didn't end up getting another ride together, but we are back from the dead and bigger than ever. So here is the tentative schedule for Shop Rides in 2010: Thursday, April 1; Thursday, May 6; Thursday, June 3; Thursday, July 1; Thursday, August 5; and Thursday, September 2. Do you see a pattern here? Yes, yes. I used the Fibonacci sequence.

No, I didn't.

We are going to have Shop Rides on the First Thursday of each month until September.

Here is the overview. This is a casual pace, no-drop ride. There is no sign-up, no fee, no waiver and no responsibility. As in, neither Team Two Wheel nor Two Wheel Transit are responsible for accidents, injuries, death or maiming, but we will help with flat tires. It is an open road ride. It is not a race and it is not a ride for someone who has never been on a bike, but for people who would enjoy taking a group ride and are capable of getting around the course on their own power.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the shop or drop us a line. Get these dates on your calendar, get your bike tuned-up and ready if you haven't been riding and we will see you in a month.

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  1. Will they always be this route? How many miles? Average pace?