Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Vibe at Two Wheel

Because we are just getting rolling again, I will take the liberty of reproducing some information from the new Two Wheel Transit website. I think it tells the story reasonably well. Two Wheel Transit has been around a long time; I have personally been spending my money there for over 20 years. That reminds me of a funny story involving money, bikes and my wife, but I think I will save that for another day.

In any case, the shop has a lot of the same stuff about it, great guys doing great service work and selling great stuff. It also has some new stuff that Geoff and Bruce have brought along, like a cleaner, more organized look and feel to the showroom and a real enthusiasm for supporting the cycling community in Spokane.

Whether you are a long-time customer, a been-shopping-elsewhere-but-should-give-it-a-try-again customer (like you, Ken), or never darkened the doorway before, stop in and say hey to Geoff, Tomas or Dave. You can't say hello to the guys in the basement as easily, but Tom and Willy are down there (in what I have heard is a remarkably cleaned-up and well-lit shop area) turning out the pro work they always have.

I will let them tell their story though. Here is the new Two Wheel Transit as explained on the website:

Focus on Trek brands, a bike fitting physician and excellent customer service are all keys for success of Two Wheel Transit.

Geoff Forshag, CPA and Bruce Abbotts, M.D., have purchased the assets of long-time Trek Bicycle dealer Two Wheel Transit, Inc., which is located in downtown Spokane at 1405 W 1st Avenue. The store will continue under the name Two Wheel Transit and focus on Trek and Gary Fisher bicycles, and Bontrager clothing, parts and accessories. Fisher and Bontrager brands are both a part of Trek. The business also provides full service bicycle repairs and maintenance and welcomes all bikes regardless of brand or type.

Mr. Forshag and Dr. Abbotts are both avid cyclists and excited about the opportunity the store, Trek, Fisher and Bontrager lines represent. “We chose to keep the three existing lines for the quality, selection and customer service of these product lines. When you decide to represent one company, you need to choose the leader in the industry – which is Trek in this case.” according to Forshag. Trek and Fisher combined have over 100 models of bikes to choose from starting with a selection of kids bikes, comfort and commuting bikes, all the way up to custom Trek road bikes through Project One. Trek is a pioneer in designing products specifically for the needs of women cyclists with Women Specific Design or WSD.

Mr. Forshag will act as general manager and oversee the sales and operations of the store and has a few changes in mind for a better customer experience. One planned change is involves creating a dedicated bicycle fitting studio. Forshag stresses that proper bike fitting is one of the keys to the success of the store since it is an area where mass retailers are often lacking. “You are pretty much on your own when you roll your new bike out of a big box store, but if it isn't properly adjusted to fit the riding style, fitness level and other characteristics of the rider, the buyer will never be completely satisfied with the bike. We include this service with all of our bike purchases.”

Dr. Abbotts is a pediatrician at Valley Young Peoples Clinic and will focus on performing bike fitting sessions for customers in the studio. “We want to be known as the store that is easy to deal with and listens to the needs of our customers” says Abbotts. “This means learning about any physical limitations or issues and observing the riding position and pedal stroke of each rider. After this diagnosis, we begin making small adjustments to correct specific issues. Sometimes moving the bars or saddle a few millimeters can make the all the difference in riding comfort.”

The co-owners of Two Wheel Transit also stress community involvement as part of the store's mission. “Our community sponsors some great events like Bike to Work Week and Spokefest – supporting these and other venues which advance cycling in Spokane is part of our identity” adds Abbotts.

Two Wheel Transit is a locally owned dealer of Trek, Gary Fisher and Bontrager bikes, parts and accessories and provides repair service on all brands.. The store is located at 1405 W. 1st Avenue and open 10 – 6, Monday through Friday and 10 – 5 on Saturdays.

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