Monday, March 22, 2010

Paris-Roubaix Viewing

I am very pleased to announce that the Steam Plant Grill will be having a Paris-Roubaix party again this year on Sunday, April 11. The restaurant will open at 2 pm and the coverage is scheduled from 3 - 5 pm. Keep in mind that Versus pulled a fast one a couple of years in a row and changed the scheduled time right before the broadcast, but for now, plan to go race or spectate at the Ronde von Palouse on Saturday, our own local version of the Classics complete with dirt, gravel and short brutal climbs (so I've been told), and then come down Sunday to rinse the grit out of your teeth with some Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company beer.

The TV's are all in the bar area downstairs, so the Steam Plant Grill has arranged for this to be held as a special event and minors are allowed in this area for the duration of this party. This is done not just to get the GU Cycling Team in the door without the use of their fake ID's, but it will also help indoctrinate your children so that they see it is not just you who sits staring at the television for the month of July encouraging grown men to reach into their suitcases of courage and catch the break.

More details to follow, including rumors of pitcher specials, but get this on your calendar and come enjoy coverage of Paris-Roubaix with Spokane's cycling community at one of the restaurants that helps supports the cycling community through team sponsorships, race sponsorships, the Bike to Work Wrap-up Party and more.

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  1. We're putting word out via the Bike to Work Twitter account @Bike2WrkSpokane and our Facebook page Steam Plant Grill: The place to be for cobblestones, beer, and bikes.