Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Ride on Thursday, April 1

The first shop ride of the year is this coming Thursday, April 1. We will meet at Two Wheel Transit and leave at (about) 5.30 pm.

This is a casual pace, no-drop ride. There is no sign-up, no fee, no waiver and no responsibility. As in, neither Team Two Wheel nor Two Wheel Transit are responsible for accidents, injuries, death or maiming, but we will help with flat tires. It is an open road ride. It is not a race and it is not a ride for someone who has never been on a bike, but for people who would enjoy taking a group ride and are capable of getting around the course on their own power.

We will leave Two Wheel and head down Riverside Avenue, around to Riverside State Park, the Seven Mile Bridge and then back. If the road is open, we will ride the other side of the river and come back into town across the Sandifur Bridge and up into Browne's Addition.

Total mileage will be around 20 miles and the pace will be moderate, but no-drop. This is not a training ride for serious racers, but it should be a good recovery ride for racers and a reasonable pace ride for recreational riders.

I am anticipating primarily lycra-clad cyclists, but I wanted John Speare, Dean of local cycle blogging, to know that we will welcome his woolen knickers and newly appreciated platform pedals if he joins us. As for BiketoWork Barb, we don't know if the route will change next time, but show up and talk us into one or the other. The pace is described above and I think it would fit into your pre-Frozen Flatlands decrease in intensity and speed to rest and be ready.

Any other questions? No?

Good, then come ride with us.

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