Friday, March 26, 2010

Post-Work Ride Round-up

I hate "springing the clock forward". It seems silly and is highly disruptive to my sleep schedule. As a digression, I consider it a significant luxury to use an alarm clock very rarely. I wake up about the same time every day and early enough to get done what I need to, where I need to, etc. So when the clock is suddenly and inexplicably an hour off, my body doesn't understand and protests by being groggy and cranky all day long. Well, maybe the cranky is my natural personality, but groggy is definitely part of the protesting.

Oh sure, I admit that I adjust, but I don't like it. Now, on the other hand, bumping my clock back an hour in the fall - excellent idea.

Nonetheless, there is a short-term benefit to the clock nonsense. It means there is daylight after work to catch a ride. Last night I was sprung from work early with a dentist appointment (oh joy!) and got home in time to get outside for a ride. It was a game-time call so I didn't line up a riding buddy, but took my first ride in a few weeks alone.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy time on the bike alone. As an another aside, I rode alone in Spokane a lot of years. I wasn't racing, didn't have any friends who rode and my schedule worked better to just ride when I could. I logged a lot of "alone" miles and enjoyed most of them (I remember one killer bonk still that would have been good to have someone along to keep me from wandering into traffic, but that is another story). In the past few years I have found a few new friends who cycle, have had longtime friends take up the sport (sports injuries, anyone?) and found a group of avid cyclists that I can join most weekends and every morning I feel like slogging up Hatch at 5.30 am (starting up soon, MR?).

Last night, however, was just me pushing pedals for about 80 minutes and loving every minute of it. Random thoughts, blog ideas, enthusiasm for a few new ideas (Rider 3 IPA!) and a reasonable workout all included at no additional charge.

As the sun was setting and the wind getting chilly, it was a reminder that it is still March, but the promise of heat glimmering off the pavement and the welcome cooling breezes around sun set are just tantalizingly around the corner. Soon enough, though.

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