Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, I am back, and I have some cycling thoughts, but in the meantime I need some help from my local Spokane cycling brethren. I lost a pair of grey and black smartwool socks on the way to work the other day. They fell out of my pocket along with a pair of wool underwear.

If you have seen them, please let me know.
Rider 3


  1. Funny thing is -- I found those socks about a block away from Rider 1's house. Finders keepers man!

  2. Those weren't my socks. And you shouldn't hang around in the bushes at People's Park so much.

  3. wait. who is rider 1? you guys and your dang secret identities. I found them about a block from Quicksliver's house. Isn't he rider 1? he's not close to People's Park. What's wrong with bushwhacking anyway?