Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ride to the Demo Ride

Like we discussed in yesterday's post, today is day one for the Trek Demo Trailer in Spokane.

If you're interested, we're planning to leave Two Wheel Transit at 5:30 to ride out to Riverside State Park, demo some bikes, then ride back downtown. Just in case, the shop's address is 1405 West First Ave., on the west side of downtown Spokane. Two Wheel's phone number is 509-747-2231.

And isn't the weather incredible this week? I rode the Hangman Valley loop last night after work. I can't believe how green the valley is and how perfect the temperature has been for riding. My euphoria somehow got the better of my good sense though. It felt so good riding that I decided to ride the long climb out of the valley in my 53 x 17. I did it, but 14 hours later my lungs still hurt from the effort.

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