Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I would like to report that I was on a 10-day bike trip, or even a 10-day vacation, or even a 10-day anything, but the truth is that the dog ate all my blog posts for the last ten days. Or chewed through the cord so I couldn't post?

Okay, maybe that's not the truth. One truth that does rear its ugly head is that life gets in the way of cycling. It turns out that the corrallary to this truth is that life gets in the way of cycling blogging also. So, between various family issues, work issues and whatnot, it was hard for any of us to find time to get to the blog. Rider 1 was traveling for family and work, and I, Rider 3, was buried but still here in lovely Spokane. Rider 2, aka Quicksilver, decided that Twitter was too wordy for him, so he hasn't been much help lately, although he is the only one with any cycling fitness (maybe there is a lesson there, I'm not sure).

On the two-wheel front, I did get a quick jaunt on my motorcycle to attend a meeting in Pasco. I realize that many fans of bicycling are such because it reduces or eliminates the use of combustion engines, but I like to think that motorcycles are dramatically more efficient combustion and therefore reasonable, but I also have to confess it feels like a form of cheating on my bicycle. Unlike the impact I would assume that cheating on your spouse has, cheating on my bike causes me to miss it all the more. As glided up some beautiful, curvy hills on my motorcycle, I couldn't help but think about how fun the hill would be to climb on my bike. I thought about how much I would enjoy the scenery, the roads, the new places if I had been there on my bike. On the other hand, covering 180 miles after an all day meeting and still getting home for a late dinner is just not possible on a bicycle, even for Quicksilver.

So, I am hoping to get on my bike later this week and getting back into the saddle, and, I am hoping to get the yoke back on and get to blogging. In the meantime, here is something to put on your calendars, the Trek Demo Factory tour is hitting Spokane on Thursday, May 28, 4 - 8 pm, and Friday, May 29, 12 - 4 pm. I understand that they will operate out of the Bowl and Pitcher area, but will confirm the logistics. What I do know is that they will have a whole slew of Gary Fisher mountain bikes, Trek mountain bikes and the range of Trek Madone road bikes. I have yet to blog up my own riding experience with the Trek Madone 6.9, but it can be boiled down to one word - AWESOME.

No matter what you ride, you should take the time to check out these bikes. Their engineers know their shiz and the bikes they are turning out ride so well that won't believe it if you are on anything a few years old or older.

Check back in 10 days for more updates. Or tomorrow.
Rider 3

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