Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quicksilver Speaks

I was told I have to do a blog. I guess that the other guys have done most of them. Okay. All of them. But if you look who has been on his bike, that would be me. Sure, those guys have done a few miles, but when we talked about racing Frozen Flatlands, those guys starting getting pretty nervous.

I don't really know why the Baddlands Cycling Club has its biggest race of the year so early. In Spokane it was still snowing a couple of days ago. In 2009 we have only had two or three days where it was above freezing the whole day. We haven't hit 50 degrees yet. Despite that, our biggest race of the year is a month away. It's an Ominium that starts on Saturday, April 4, with a 12-mile time trial in the morning and then is followed up by a 48-mile or 70-mile road race, depending on your category. Sunday morning there is a 50-minute or 75-minute circuit race on a 2.5 mile race-track that winds around except for the 1/4 mile drag strip and run-off area. It is almost always windy out there, so it is usually a tough race with the pace high and half of it straight into the wind.

In any case, Rider 1 and Rider 3 can keep on being the chatty-cathy's of the group. I'll keep riding my bike.

Till next time.
Rider 2

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  1. Thank you for not using any Latin in your blog post!