Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Update

It has been a busy week around the Team Two Wheel house this week. Rider 1 took care of a lot of team business, Rider 2 finally graced us with another post and Rider 3 showed off his fancy non-cycling erudition with a banking related post. Don't worry, Rider 3 is now on probation as a result. We are supposed to be about cycling 24/7. There is no point in letting the world around us interfere with our cycling-centric outlook.

Cycling in Spokane has been dismal this week, with more rain/snow/sleet and cold temperatures in the weekend forecast. Combine that with the daylight savings time change this weekend and not only did Punxsutawney Phil predict six more weeks of winter, it could be that long before the Morning Ride finally gets going.

Last in this tiny tidbit of posting, we are glad to inform you of something you couldn't care less about, which is that our US Cycling "Club" was approved this week, so we will be bonded, stamped, gold-sealed and completely official by the time the TTW jerseys arrive and we suit up for our first race. With that in mind, I think I will skip work for the rest of afternoon and go ride in the remaining bit of clear, cold sunlight before it starts raining or snowing again.

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  1. I, for one, found the public service announcement re: under-employed bankers enlightening. As my portfolio continues to hemorrhage cash, I find myself wondering what I will do when my means fall to such a level that I must eat the peak Ramen you mentioned. I feel that it may at this point be wise to forgo my bespoke suits and instead vest myself in these pret-a-porter garments such as you offer. I have even considered liquidating my Aurumania Crystal Edition "pit bike" and keeping a more pedestrian (ha) replacement. Until circumstances reach such unimaginable lows, I will continue to read teh intarwebs (your web-log in specific) and swim in my vaults, spouting a stream of coins from my mouth as I backstroke.