Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quicksilver Responds

As a group, we are finally getting on with riding bikes instead of blogging about bikes. That's good with me.

I see that Rider 3 mentions me in his posts about this weekend's rides. I also see that his motor gave out both days, but his keyboard keeps clacking along no matter what.

My guess is that Dr. Spalm's prescription would be, "Next week, more pedal pushing and less pencil pushing." I'm just saying.


  1. Maybe Rider 3's motto can be a takeoff on that old Timex phrase. He can say "The rider took a lickin' but he keeps on clickin'."

    Love this blog!

  2. I really enjoyed the two part saga re: the ride of doom. We have all had days like that. Not to comment on the vintage of Rider 3, but it seems that as I get older, I have more of them.
    Daily reader.

  3. All - I have not been able to comment on our blog using my normal browser, but I just tried switching to IE and suddenly I am able to comment. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting.

    Linda - Thanks for your many comments and I really like your motto. I guess I'm better trained at clicking at this point.

    Jooknboolie - Yes, sadly, this is true. I used to be able to fake it much better. The thing that keeps me from complaining too much, however, is that Rider 2 is a few years older, so I have to limit this as my excuse.

    Rider 3