Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Best Cycling T-Shirt Ever!

What you really need in your life, what you’ve been searching for all these years, and what will complete you as a human being is another t-shirt. You know it’s true. But what we have below isn’t just any old t-shirt. It’s a first-edition, official Team Two Wheel garment.

And it’s a limited edition. That is, we have a limited number to sell, after which we’ll order more.

It’s definitely prêt-a-porter.  In fact I recommend using this term with your significant other when you order one. The conversation could go like this:

Your S.O.: “Is that a new t-shirt?”

You: “Yes it is. I’m just thrilled with the message, the fit and its slimming effect.”

Your S.O.: “What?”

You: “Well, it’s a limited edition Team Two Wheel garment designed for both urban riding and my time off the bike.  Like if I’m waiting for my session with my team’s soigneur, trying to find an English language channel on television after a race, it will be the perfect thing to wear. It’s a bit like the new shirts Rapha is selling, but a lot less pretentious.”

Your S.O.: “What?”

You: “I find it both inspirational and aspirational. It really speaks to my outlook on life in general, and when you see Team Two Wheel’s riders you’ll understand why men want to be them and women want to be with them.”

Your S.O.: “What?”

You: “Honey, I know it’s only a t-shirt, but it’s very prêt-a-porter.”

Your S.O.: “Are you speaking French?”

You: “Yes, well it’s the international language of cycling. Except for when you're in Italy.”

Your S.O.: “Are you feeling OK?”

You: “Since I pulled on this t-shirt I’ve never felt better. Bring on the crosswinds! I am a rouleur! I am Quicksilver!”

Your S.O.: “I think we need to talk.”

You: “You’re right. Since I went out on a limb and spent $19 on this shirt, I thought I’d do something nice for you too. So I bought you this Kate Spade handbag. It’s my way of saying I love you and that I appreciate the latitude you give me when I occasionally get home an hour late from a ride. Every single weekend.”

Your S.O.: “Sweet Jesus! I love it! And I love you! I’m so glad you bought that t-shirt. You should definitely go for an extra-long ride tomorrow.”

(For our female readers, to make this conversation relevant just replace the Kate Spade bag with a flat screen TV or something.)

From Team Two Wheel

You see, you must have one of these t-shirts. It will definitely make your most fabulous dreams come true. Plus, by wearing one you’ll demonstrate your support for local cycling and our great sponsors. You can buy one (or more) at Two Wheel Transit. We don’t have e-commerce attached to this blog (and probably never will), but you can kick it old school and e-mail us at with your shipping address. The cost will be $19 plus $5 for shipping and handling for U.S. customers.  We will e-mail back to arrange payment. You could also pick up the phone and call Two Wheel Transit at 509-747-2231, or even better, visit the shop. Shirts should be in stock by March 11.


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