Monday, August 2, 2010

Video Clip - Shop Ride

This is the week of micro-blogs. Not quite Twitter, but short. And varied.

First, this week is the monthly Team Two Wheel version of the weekly Two Wheel Transit Shop Ride. In other words, Team Two Wheel riders will be there this Thursday, Aug. 5 to ride the Seven Mile Bridge loop leaving the shop about 5.30 pm. No drop, casual pace and fun ride. Come join us!

Second, this is a cell phone video clip which just happened to catch Lance Armstrong's crash in Stage 8 just as the race was reaching the base of the climbs that day. Riders who have crashed can sympathize with how you would feel after this experience. Non-riders should stop saying that crashes are "interesting" or "fun to watch." The part of the clip to watch is from the 2-5 second mark. Lance is literally sliding on the ground through the frame. Ouch.

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