Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Inlander Cheers and Jeers

Before I get started on the real topic in the Inlander, I would like to say that I think they should put a warning label on the cover of the Inlander whenever George Nethercutt's column runs. There are some things I expect from the Inlander but Nethercutt's disingenuous and hollow complaints about a lack of bi-partisanship in politics while taking highly partisan below the belt shots at his opponents is NOT what I expect from the Inlander. I get the idea that we should listen to people with opposing viewpoints, but Nethercutt is a lousy standard bearer for this concept. If you know Ted McGregor, please tell him for me. I will just leave those issues with the Nethercutt Early Warning System Alert on the cover in the stand so someone who hates the lame-stream media can pick it up.

Another thing I don't expect from the Inlander is a Cheers & Jeers section devoted to hating on bikes. Here in all of their glory are the comments in this week's edition:

Bicyclers of Spokane
Posted by Wehaa at 04:48 PM on Sat, Jul. 24, 2010
You are not a damn car. The only things that belong on the road are cars, trucks & motorcycles. You idiots have a sidewalk so how about you use it. I get so pissed when you idiots are weaving in and out of lanes like your a f#$kin car. Your holdin up your stupid hand giving us a little fairy gesture. Ummm we have our own lights & signs to worry about, do you really think were gonna go through the hassle of memorizing your gestures? Hell No!!! you dumbasses don't belong in the middle of the road. Get on the damn sidewalks or the next time I see you I'm gonna get right beside you and open my door so you fall on your ass

Same Rules, Same Rights!
Posted by Wehaa at 04:47 PM on Sat, Jul. 24, 2010
Same Rules, Same Rights! Same Rules, Same Rights! Same Rules, Same Rights! This is the mantra that all the whining bicyclist cry when they feel they aren't being respected on the road. Well, if this is your battle cry, perhaps more of you should live what you are saying. First, there are no taxes that are being paid by bicyclists for bicycling. All the bike paths and "accommodations" on the streets were paid for by motorist with their registration fees & gasoline taxes. Second, when you're riding, why is it that I see more than one or two of you riding abreast of one another and running stop signs & red lights? I see the stop sign/red light running actions every day that I am heading to work! One occasion, the same bicyclist ran a stop sign and almost caused an accident, then ran a red light on down the street and almost caused another accident! So, if we're to "share the road" because of your "same rules, same rights", let's make sure that you're at least following the basic traffic laws & oh, quitcherbitchin!

I previously thought that only Fox News made their coin on inflammatory statements, misrepresentations and inaccuracies, but I guess the Inlander wanted some of that heartfelt anger to get some attention. I think it is interesting that both of these comments came from the same person, which you can see in the online version, but that isn't apparent in the print edition.

As for Wehaa, there is a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln along these lines, "It is better for someone to suspect you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." I don't think we can have any doubt about Wehaa at this point, who felt fit to display his (you agree this is a "he", right?) ignorance on numerous topics, from the law to taxes. There isn't really a benefit to listing the inaccuracies here, or the obvious points, but it is still aggravating that people are so damn stupid. Let's just hope he keeps his idiocy to the Inlander and not taking it out on riders on the street.

Be safe out there.
Rider Three


  1. My question is this: If he is so upset with having to learn the hand signals from cyclists, did he send the same letter to the Model T club?

  2. I wonder if WeHaa was the driver who tried to squeeze me out of the right wheel track of the lane. Perhaps he (I assume he) misinterpreted my hand signal for a turn signal?

  3. Well, he is WRONG! The comments did NOT come from the same person! I wrote the Same Rules, Same Rights comment! I am far too intelligent to write the rant that is above my comment. There is no need to post rants as opposed to logical arguments to an issue. If you'll look a little farther, you will see ALL the comments on the on-line version are attributed to WeHaa!
    Look before you accuse. You are only making yourself look stupid!

  4. Kat (Ye Who Keeps Your Blogger Profile Anonymous) - I stand corrected. I and others were not astute enough to see the differences between WeHaa's "rant" and your "logical arguments." My apologies. I will indeed have to look "farther" so that I understand the intelligence of your comments. Speaking of which, did it occur to you that almost every bike rider on the road also owns a car? In fact, I own more than one car and the companies I own also own numerous cars and trucks. Does that mean I have a right to ride my bike on the road, but my fellow cyclists without cars don't have that right? I don't get the frequent rant (oops, logical argument) that cyclists don't pay taxes or own cars. Most do. And we have actual jobs and many of us have employees. Maybe there is more to this commie cyclist notion to consider.

    And putting aside the fact that a lot of road work you see is paid for by property taxes (and even if you don't own a car, most people "live" someplace where either they or their landlord pays property tax) aren't we doing you a favor to use the road gently with our bikes so that they all last longer and cost us all less to maintain?

    And lastly, while you might not like seeing cyclists riding two abreast, it is in fact legal to do so in many situations.

    I guess my advice to you would be to "Look before you accuse. You are only making yourself look stupid!"
    Rider Three