Monday, August 2, 2010

Micro-blog No. 2 - 6 hours on a trainer

Shop Ride - Remember? Thursday about 5.30 pm.

6 Hours on a trainer - I have been preparing for the Leadville 100 and I am going regardless of whether Lance Armstrong decides to skip it or not. Anyway, I have been riding a lot lately and this past few days saw the biggest hours. I rode 6 hours on Thursday to the top of Steptoe Butte (110 miles round trip) and Saturday I was planning on 85-90 miles to the top of Mt. Spokane and back. I looked at the weather a few times during the week and thought I would be good, but no, while I was getting food and drink ready for the trip I heard thunder claps. After checking the weather radar, waiting, maybe even praying, I finally realized that if I was going to ride 6 hours, it was going to either be in thunderstorms or it would inside. I don't mind riding in rain, but lighting strikes are a whole 'nother deal. I don't know how long my longest ride on a trainer is, but I suspect three hours. I can handle two reasonably well from a mental standpoint, but I honestly didn't know whether I could six. It turns out I can. Don't want to again, but if I cross the finish line at Leadville in under 12 hours, it will have been well worth it.

Here is the Garmin info from that ride. It thinks I rode about 5 miles all while I was sitting in the basement with sketchy satellite reception. I did go to the head, which is about 10' from my bike, but left the Garmin unit next to the bike the whole time. I was amused by this, but I have to confess that I moved the unit from one hand to another a few times to see if it would give me a MPH reading. Pretty cool that I can ride across the water, eh?

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