Monday, August 30, 2010

Shop Ride

The last official Team Two Wheel Shop Ride is this Thursday, Sept. 2. We will leave Two Wheel Transit, 1405 W. First, about 5.30 pm. We will ride the Seven Mile Bridge loop, about 20 miles, at a no-drop casual pace. Afterward, we will feast upon FREE David's Pizza prepared in the David's Pizza Emergency Response Vehicle and served up fresh and hot (My guess is that Geoff will try not to toss an entire pie on the ground this time).

From the time they took over the shop, the new owners, Geoff and Bruce have supported a positive image for cycling and helped to promote safe biking in our community. I can't provide a whole list of their contributions, but they donated children's bikes to the Christmas Fund last year, they have supported both editions of the Summer Parkways including sponsoring the bike decoration contest and helped SpokeFest to provide 30 kids' bikes to an area school. I don't know what more we could ask of a bike shop and its owners.

So, how can you show your support of their efforts and commitment? By going on a fun ride and eating FREE pizza! There aren't many deals like that floating around these days, so I hope you will make time to join us.
Rider Three

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