Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shop Ride Update

First, the weather forecast has improved dramatically. According to and there is a ZERO percent chance of rain for our Shop Ride. That is great news. Or as I used to say in my mispent youth, "Bitchin!"

Second, and also bitchin! news, we aren't JUST going to have David's Pizza after the ride, we are going to actually have the David's Pizza Truck making hot & tasty pizzas! Like I said, "Bitchin!" Or would that be "Gnarly!" Or "Radical!" Or does it warrant a nice, long drawn out "Duuuuuuude!" I don't really know.

Well anyway, it makes me want to go outside after many days of rain and ride my bike and eat pizza. If it makes you want to do the same, come on down to Two Wheel Transit by 5.30 pm tonight and join us for a group ride. This ride is open to racers and non-racers, team and non-team riders, and just about anyone who wants to take an easy pace, no drop 20 mile ride tonight after work. Doesn't that include you?

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