Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Huh? Mechanized Doping

There was a story a few days ago on about mechanized doping. It referred to a motor that could be hidden inside a bikes tubing and the claim was that it had been used in a professional bike race. I just shook my head and thought that this was the feverish imagination of someone disappointed that the biological passport seems to be cleaning up the sport - probably some soccer fan or F1 fanatic. Anyway, I still don't believe it, but here is proof that such a motor exists along with the accusation leveled directly at Fabian Cancellara that his spring classic wins were the result of nefarious means. Everyone always says that he has a big motor; I guess the question now is, does he also have a small motor?


  1. I have suspected the existence of such a device while riding with other (unnamed) riders over the years. My suspicions have now been confirmed..

  2. Now, I'm not a pro bike racer, or even an amateur bike racer for that matter, but if I want to go faster I have to do one of three things: 1) pedal faster, 2) shift to a heavier gear and pedal harder at the same tempo or 3) go downhill. It didn't appear that Cancellara did any of those yet was still able to open up a large gap. Of course this could just be more evidence of why I am not a bike racer.

    So are they now going to have to x-ray bikes before races? What about the spare bikes on the team car?