Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Thoughts - Shop Ride

I rode in the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race this weekend at Riverside State Park. You may know that there are team divisions and solo categories. I raced in a group I call "Solo - Daylight Division". You won't find this in the standings or in any official information. It is an unofficial category that means that I rode during the daylight on Saturday, basically from noon to about 7.45 pm. I finished 6 laps or about 86 miles and felt reasonably good about it. I have more thoughts to share about the ride, about bike repairs and my guilt about having a "solo" plate on my bike, but I only have a few moments so I will just say that it gave me a shred of hope that I can get ready for the Leadville 100 and that the new Gary Fisher Superfly is awesome. I would say that it is indescribable, but you know I will describe it. Soon.

Also, while you are climbing out of the long weekend doldrums, remember the Team Two Wheel Shop Ride is this Thursday, June 3 at 5.30 pm. About 20 miles, no-drop, group ride and pizza afterwards. Temp. should be about 65 degrees and there is only a 30% chance of rain. What more could you ask for? Nothing I say. See you there.
Rider Three

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