Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

1 - Who is ready for warm, dry weather? Remember when we used to talk about how much our bikes weighed and not the wet weather traction of our tires? How about bottom bracket stiffness instead of fender types?

2 - Tour de Suisse - Armstrong is showing his age in the TT, but still strong and looking great in the mountains. Should be an interesting tour matching up the Killing Machine with the young turks. I know who has the mental edge.

3 - Non-cyclists love the "motorized doping" story.

4 - Will the World Cup swamp the Tour de France coverage? Even I am getting soccer fever. My son is very happy.

5 - Bike Hang? Way fun.

6 - Next time a buddy says they don't like to take their road bike down a gravel road, tell them about this video:

7 - Wet Weather Commuting - Rode my bike today violating my "don't start a ride in the rain" rule. Not bad, but honestly it was because I trusted the TV weather report that said it would be dry by 5 pm for my ride home. What a silly bastard I am for trusting anything on the tv-infotainment-psuedo-news-Murrow-is-spinning-in-his-grave broadcast.
Rider Three

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