Monday, June 28, 2010

Shop Ride! Shop Ride! Shop Ride!

Longtime readers know the drill - First Thursday of the month, which happens to be this Thursday, July 1, shop ride from Two Wheel Transit at 5.30 pm. We will riding a mellow pace to Aubrey L. White Parkway to Seven Mile Bridge and back along the Riverside State Park side. It's around 20 miles and we will be riding a recovery pace with a no-drop rule.

We tested the limits of the no-drop rule last ride when one of the Shop Owners, who shall remain nameless, ended up as the last rider, but true to our word, we made sure he safely made it back to the stables. We will accord you no lesser treatment, you have my solemn and anonymous guarantee.

Weather should be perfect and you know you want to be there, so come on out and enjoy the camaraderie of a congenial group riding on our beautiful and lightly trafficked roads.

A quick word from our sponsor - this is an open road ride. You are responsible for obeying the rules of the road, not to mention being safe and sane. We haven't had even a flat yet on our rides, so let's keep it that way.

See you on Thursday at 5.30 pm!
Rider Three

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