Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shop Ride - Thursday, May 6

Here is a short version of the Shop Ride Reminder:

The ride will be Thursday, May 6, 5.30 pm. We will start at Two Wheel Transit - 1419 W. First Avenue. The route will probably involve a ride to the Seven Mile Bridge along the Aubrey L. White Parkway and then a decision about heading back along the other side of the river or going to Nine Mile. The distance will be around 20 miles. The pace will be reasonable and no-drop. This is an open road, group ride, so you are responsible for yourself and your own safety.

Here is the rambling that goes with any Rider Three approved blog post:

During our ride, Rider One will be offering his rolling coaching and fitting clinic, so feel free to ask him any technical questions about riding, racing or equipment. His nickname is Mr. Millimeter, so you know he is good. (An aside - Two Wheel Transit offers "actual" fittings - not to be confused by Mr. Millimeter's random but wise comments.) Rider Two is known to tell a story or two, so feel free to ask him about the Mother's Day Massacre just before we head up any climb that looks daunting. Like a ventriloquist that drinks water and talks, he will climb and tell you long stories; two things that seem impossible to put together. I, Rider Three, have no riding traits that I possess sufficient self-awareness to be able to describe, but I'm sure that Rider One and Two will be able to help you out with that as well.

Lastly, there is a rumor of post-ride nourishment afterwards back at the shop, so don't tell that guy you don't want to see in the buffet line ahead of you (maybe that is my cycling proclivity) because there won't be anything left, but do plan to come ride with us and have a slice of nourishment before heading home.

Should be fun.
Rider Three

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