Monday, May 3, 2010

Shop Ride - Thursday, May 6

If you check your calendars you will discover that this coming Thursday is the first Thursday of the month and you know what that means, right? It means it is time for the monthly Team Two Wheel / Two Wheel Transit Shop Ride!

While the weather outside today is ghastly, the weather on Thursday afternoon/early evening is supposed to be much, much better. And by better I mean that my toupee is very likely going to stay on my head, unlike on my walk to lunch. Toupee?, you say. Yes, well most of you see me either wearing a helmet or wearing some headcover under my helmet, which headcover is there to either to preserve warmth or to prevent sunburn, depending on the time of year. At work, however, I wear a toupee so I maintain that youthful and gregarious look that is really the basis for my success. Just check with Tom W. or Death of a Salesman; they both make it clear that good hair and a winning personality are the building blocks for any successful male. I suppose females too, but I have less experience being a successful female, so I will decline to opine further. In any case, the point is, the weather should be nice.

Here are the details: Thursday, May 6, 5.30 pm - Start: Two Wheel Transit - 1419 W. First Avenue.

Route - Slightly unknown, but very likely to include Riverside Avenue, Government Way, Aubrey L. White Parkway and then . . . I don't know whether we will loop back after the Seven Mile Bridge or continue to Nine Mile. I also don't know whether the road is open past the waste-water-sewage treatment plant, but that will probably impact our travel plans. In either case, we will ride about twenty miles and get back to Two Wheel sometime around 7.00 pm.

Pace - Full-on Race Pace. I kid. This will be a casual pace and no-drop ride. We will be doing something like a racer recovery pace, recreational cyclist reasonable group ride pace. It isn't a ride for someone buying their first-ever bicycle that day, but you are free to join us if you have been cycling on your own and would like to try out riding with a group.

Fees and Responsibility - None. Seriously. There is no sign-up, no fee, no waiver and no responsibility. As in, neither Team Two Wheel nor Two Wheel Transit are responsible for accidents, injuries, death or maiming, but we will help with flat tires. It is an open road ride, which includes all the joy and burden of riding along with motorized vehicles and other riders and non-riders.

Fun - Yes, we will have some. We'll be riding bikes, right?

You - Be there.

Oh, and just to repeat this important note, the ride is Thursday at 5.30 pm. PM in this case standing for Post-Meridian, as in "after the sun has reached its mid-point for the day", as in "after work", as in "not while it is still dark and most of humanity is still in bed". Just wanted to be clear because we are hoping S.J. can join us at the right time this month.

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