Friday, May 21, 2010


Yogi Berra reportedly said, "No one goes there anymore because it is too busy." Similarly, some things don't get said because you assume that everyone knows them already. Sometimes that isn't the case. What, pray tell, am I talking about?

Two Wheel Transit.

Here is the skinny, as we used to say in the old days, or, here is the 411 as the whipper snappers say today.

Two Wheel Transit is located at 1405 West First, where it has been for a bunch of years now. It is owned by Geoff and Bruce, which it hasn't been for a bunch of years, but it has been for a few months now. The prior owner of Two Wheel Transit, Steve, has opened a new shop in Brownes' Addition called Steve's on Cannon, a Bike Shop. There is no commercial relationship between the two stores. Two Wheel Transit is planning to stay in their current spot for the foreseeable future and will continue to do most of the things that Two Wheel Transit used to do. I think the general idea is to do all of the good things that Two Wheel always did and improve upon the things that Two Wheel may not have done well in the past.

Geoff and Bruce are cycling enthusiasts and this is a fulfillment of their childhood dreams to one day have the chance to be surrounded by bikes all day long every day. Actually, I don't really know what their childhood dreams were, but they do now own the shop. Since Bruce and Geoff took over, they kept Dave and Tomas upstairs to keep being helpful and a pleasant place to get all of your cycling needs fulfilled, and they have reorganized, cleaned-up and rearranged everything in the whole shop and in the basement. They have also put in place some new systems or ways of doing things to make sure that customer's needs are met.

Bruce has a medical background and he is the now the chief bike-fitter. I know that Geoff has also been trained in bike fitting, but I think that Bruce is doing most of them. I have heard numerous reports of happy customers from the fittings.

And speaking of happy customers, I think they are doing a great job of running the shop these days. The turn-around on bike repairs and maintenance is great; the ordering process for new stuff coming in is great; they are stocking most of the Trek, Gary Fisher, Bontrager stuff and it is all great; and overall they are getting the shop and the employees involved in the cycling community and they are taking great care of customers. Did you get the idea that things are great? Well, they are.

The guys at Two Wheel get asked about who owns what, or who is moving, or who is doing something new, so I wanted to let you, the discerning and in-the-know cycling crowd, get the full story so that you can answer any of those questions that come up during a ride about the future of the shop.

If you haven't been in lately, you should stop in and take a look. They have more bikes in inventory, a women's specific bike area, have moved stuff around so the shop looks and functions better, and they still have the cool brick walls and wood floor that makes the place look just the way you would want your bike shop to look. And if you go in, tell them that Rider Three sent you. I'll be negotiating my raise soon and it would help a lot. Thanks.
Rider Three

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  1. I think Yogi's actual quote was "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." There is a certain humor in mis-quoting Yogi Berra.