Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project One

I am not in the market for a new bike. No really. I'm not just saying that because my wife reads what I write; I say this because I have a Madone 6.9 that is an awesome bike and I don't want anything else. Well, I wouldn't mind "additional" bikes, right? I mean I'm just saying that if I won the lottery or my Nigerian money-laundering deal finally pays off (who knew it would take so long and cost so much?), then, sure, I could find some other bikes to buy, but for now, I am set.

That didn't stop me from just going to Project One and spec'ing out this totally awesome radical gnarly bike:

From Misc Bike Pics

Sweet, huh?

I was in a conversation with someone about bikes the other day and the Trek Project One website came to mind: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/projectone/ If you like bikes and you haven't been to this site, you really owe it to yourself. Basically this is like the giant Sears Catalog that came a couple of weeks before Christmas except instead of pictures of EZ Bake Ovens and slot car tracks, you can decide what bike to "build", paint it in any variety of ways, put your name on it, customize the drivetrain, wheels, cable colors, seat, handlebar tape and I don't remember what all else to come up with your creation. Don't like my all-black plan? How about a WWII inspired fighter plane look?

From Misc Bike Pics

Like the white tires and Shimano DI2? No, don't like this one either? Prefer candy apple red or traffic safety green? No problem, they got your bike covered.

Is this a good use of time? No, maybe not, but then again, is reading this a good use of your time? Well, let's say yes for the sake of argument, but the point is that the Project One website is totally cool for building up a bike. A couple of other online retailer also let you spec out a bike, choosing components and letting you see pricing and weights, but no one else tricks out the picture of your dream bike the way this site does. So, do I need a new Madone? No, but it is fun to dream. No harm in that, right honey?
Rider Three


  1. Yeah, this project one website is awesome. I love biking and you really inspired me.

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  2. I like the first bike style. Indeed, it is awesome and I like it most. I started to enjoy biking with my brother soon.

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  3. I prefer the candy apple red. But anyway, you have great blog. Looking forward that you could update it and share some great and new bike style.

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