Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

I followed the wise words of Quicksilver this weekend: more riding, less blogging.

We had our first nice weekend of weather here in Spokane and I took full advantage. Here is quick update for those following along at home (or, more likely, at work):

Saturday - One of the cycling group mail lists I am on now (speaking of which, what a great advancement for cycling - remember when we all had to call each other or have an immutable plan?) posted a ride for noon, which was followed by a ride at 8 am and then finally a ride at 10.30 am. Obviously lots of conflicting schedules, but it was great to see three groups going out from two different locations on one e-mail list.

I was running late and joined the 10.30 am group en route. The plan was to ride to Cheney, follow the upcoming Tuesday night race course (Chapman Lake) and then head home; about 3 hours and 65 miles. As I met the group, I was surprised at its size, about 20+ strong. I accidentally ended up on the front with Quicksilver and I discovered to my great surprise that I felt good on my bike. I assumed it wouldn't last long, but it was nice to have a decent temperature and finally feel capable of turning the pedals in a semi-competent fashion.

We made our way up the the Cheney-Spokane road to head into Cheney to pick up the race course when most of group turned towards Spokane to make for a shorter ride. I think some of them needed to hem their skirts that afternoon, so we didn't want to interfere with that by riding bikes, of course. Down to about 8 riders we picked up the course a few miles later when one rider flatted. While we waited for the flat to get repaired half of our group also decided to take advantage of the unplanned stop right next to the Fish Lake trail head to head back to Spokane. Thus, it was down to Rider 1, Rider 2, yours truly and J.C. (not Jesus Christ, just to be clear).

As we rode along I realized something extraordinary; I still felt good. Actually, the longer we rode, the better I felt. I have had this happen in the past, but it is certainly the first time in 2009 it has happened and frankly, I don't think it happened once in 2008. I'll have to recount the 2007 and 2008 riding seasons sometime, but suffice it to say, after slogging along on lots of tough rides and lots of "don't worry about me I can make it back to town on my own" and "you go ahead on the hill, since I can't keep up and that old lady on the three-wheeler needs to get around me", I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was feeling good about pushing the pedals around at a reasonable cadence and power.

The ride around Chapman Lake and back into town wasn't remarkable for anything other than a decent temperature, some sunshine and that I was left sucking the hind tit for the majority of the ride. All three things happening for the first time around here this year.

The four of us made it back to H195 in good fashion. While the three of them headed up the Fish Ladder home, I made a turn the other direction and soft-pedaled home. I came into the kitchen with a smile on my face and my wife was unsure what was happening. So far, it has been mostly collapse and complaint after riding, so it was a nice change of pace. I didn't even kick the dog.

So, to recap Saturday - lots of riding, felt great. Saturday's recap blog - insulted women, christians, suckling sows and animal rights activists.

I wonder what Sunday's recap will hold?

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