Monday, April 27, 2009

Return of the Cycling Widow

Dear Cycling Widow - As the nice weather comes along, I am more motivated to be on my bike and want to start riding longer on the weekends. Any tips for me as I ramp up the miles and hours in the nicer weather?
Signed, Loving the Weather

Dear Loving the Weather - I'm glad you love the weather so much because it is also causing the grass to grow, weeds to appear and the shrubs to need trimming. I hope you are saving a bit of energy for taking care of the yard because I am sick of hearing how tired you are after a 3 hour ride. Maybe you should consider getting the yard work done BEFORE the 3 hour ride if that will use up the last of your energy. Maybe you should consider that after I work my full-time job, act as the primary parent to our children and take care of our house I am having a hard time fitting in all of the YARD WORK while you are on your bike and the kids are needing full time attention. Did you ever stop to consider THAT while you are trying to "ramp up your miles"? I'll show you what needs ramping up!

Dear Cycling Widow - I am fairly new to the sport of cycling but I find it is really consuming. I want to either be riding or thinking about riding or talking about riding or buying something for my riding all of the time. Is there a cure for this problem?
Signed, Loving it!

Dear Loving it! - The answer is divorce. It won't change your obsession, but at least it won't be your poor wife's problem any more.

Dear Cycling Widow - I've been cycling for a while and think this is the best sport in the world. I've been spending more and more on the bike and I think it would be great to have my wife along so I've decided to suprise her by buying a bike for her. Should it be a starter bike or should I go ahead and spend the money on something that she will enjoy as she progresses?
Signed, Looking forward to riding with my wife

Dear LFTRWMW - In considering what bike to buy for your wife, a couple of things come to mind. First, has she done or said anything to suggest she wants a bike! And second, if not, then WTF? Did your wife buy you quilting books when she decided to make one with a friend? Did she sign you up for Yoga Couples when she decided to take some classes? Are you joining the gals for some chardonnay and book chat once a month now? Just because you enjoy it doesn't mean she wants you to "surprise" her by spending your joint checking account on another bike when she hasn't once said that she wants one. Fine, you get credit for noticing that she is left out and for wanting her to be along, but let's be reasonable here.

Dear Cycling Widow - One of my riding buddies has decided that the best way for him to get more riding time is to get his girlfriend a bike and have her come along. He hasn't seemed to have noticed that our riding group is all men. Should I point this out?
Signed, Enjoys "guy" time

Dear Caveman - "Guy" time? Seriously? Have you not noticed that there are women riding bikes all over? There are female racers, female commuters, female road riders and mountain bikers, female casual riders and female serious riders. Do you not think a woman can keep up with your group or do you think a woman's breasts interfere with her ability to steer a bike and therefore is a danger? If you are threatened by a woman tagging along to your group you should make sure that everyone is off the same mindset before you dismiss 50% of the population from qualifying for your ride due to the presence of ovaries. And if you are all of the same mindset, you should wake up and smell turn of the century.
Cycling Widow


  1. Great post! I am sure that as the weather gets nicer and the scent of grass and flowers are in the air, there will also be a hint of dissension in the air as well.

  2. the cycling widow returns--yay! i love "her" comments as they ring true and make me laugh out loud

  3. Cycling Widow, I find this post disturbing and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. A look in the mirror can be revealing, I guess. In all seriousness, it's great. Next time perhaps you can weigh in on whether riding a tandem bicycle is a good idea for a husband/wife team, and if it deserves the nickname "divorcycle."