Friday, April 17, 2009

Hamilton Tests Positive / Pro Night Canceled

It is hard to imagine that you haven't checked the blog each day for cycling commentary, but just in case, here is a reminder that Pro Night with Kit Vogel is canceled for this Friday. Kit has had a family emergency that will prevent her from making it to Spokane this weekend. Due to the short notice we were not able to secure a replacement speaker, so we will reschedule with Kit some time when she is available and we will put together another program soon.

In other news, bike enthusiasts everywhere can continue to have their joy sucked out of professional cycling. When Tyler Hamilton was first accused of doping violations it was almost unthinkable that this boy scout troop leader type cyclist would ever consider such a thing. Today, it seems unfortunately inevitable.

For a bit of irony, check out Rudy Pevange's comments in the First Edition Cycling News FROM TODAY literally hours before the Hamilton story was released, "The others - [Ivan] Gutierrez, [Tyler] Hamilton and [Francisco] Mancebo - have suffered so much of their history that they will never touch doping again." This is in the midst of comments about the common knowledge of blood transfusions in 2006.

More discussion is due on this topic, but for now, let us mourn the passing of Hamilton's dignity and our collective appreciation of his prior achievements, most or all of which are called into question as this story continues to unravel.

On a more positive note, let's ride our bikes! At least around here, the weather is looking great.

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