Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shop Ride

Our Shop Ride, originally scheduled for tomorrow, April 3, is now rescheduled for Friday, April 10. We will leave from Two Wheel Transit, 1405 W. First Avenue, Spokane, Washington at about 5.30 pm. The ride will be about 21 miles, we think, but honestly it's been a while since we measured this loop. It could be as short as 16 miles or as long as 23 miles, but we are reasonably sure it's about 21 miles. Anyway, we will leave from the shop and finish at the shop. We will ride through Brownes Addition to Government Way to Aubrey L. White Parkway to the Seven Mile Bridge, back through Riverside State Park, up Doomsday Hill, along Broadway to Monroe and then back to Two Wheel Transit.

It will be a no-drop ride, meaning that someone (Me) will tail along at the back making sure that we all keep going and hopefully make it back alive. There is no fee for this ride and only loose organization, meaning that it is up to YOU to have your own mechanically reasonable bike, spare tubes, pump/CO2, food, water and anything else you think you might need. This ride is NOT A RACE, but on the other end of the scale it also not intended for people who have never been on a bike before. You should be confident of your ability to ride the distance without difficulty, although a glacial pace up the hills will be tolerated by yours truly.

There is no fee for this ride, no sign-up sheet or anything beyond a general agreement that Team Two Wheel will show up (those of us in the country) and go for a ride and you are invited. There are no road marshals, no safety precautions and neither Team Two Wheel or Two Wheel Transit are taking responsibility for your safety or the blame for potholes, dogs, bad drivers or even other riders who might run into you. Hell, now that I think about it, we are not even taking responsibility for ourselves and we might be the ones to run into you. But probably not.

If you have other questions, leave us a comment. We hope to have a monthly Shop Ride, so show up for the first one if you want for there to be a second one.

In the future, we will be liveblogging the ride, twittering the ride, doing a podcast and a youtube video, as well as be LinkedIn, MySpacing, Facebooking and Plaxoing the ride. Until then, however, you will just have to live with getting on your damn bike and going for a ride. With us. On Friday, April 10 at 5.30 pm. Starting and ending at Two Wheel Transit, 1405 W. First Avenue in Downtown Spokane.


  1. Ahhh, I'm envious! The weather has been too, TOO spring-like here(a couple hours south of you) for us to get out on the road. Here's hoping for dry, calm days soon! Enjoy the ride!

  2. I wondered who that group was! I too left downtown at 5:30 but changed my commute to travel the loop clockwise. I saw you near the last short hill before the dam. (opposite direction) Maybe next time I will pack a light back pack and hitch a ride home. Enjoyed the blog