Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Official

It's now official, or at least unofficially official. Two Wheel Transit has agreed to be the primary sponsor of a new cycling team in Spokane. We are three riders with long-time associations with the bike shop and its owner, Stephan Loveland, and we will serve as cycling ambassadors for the shop. We will be organizing some group rides, testing some products, sharing some cycling tips, revealing our favorite rides around the area and continuing our collective obsession with riding bikes.

The team is made up of three riders. Rider 1 is a serious rider, sometimes racer and a former professional cycling team manager. Rider 2 is a serious rider, often-times racer and former bike shop employee. Rider 3 is a less serious rider, occasional racer and due to a distinctly non-cycling size, serves as a defacto cycling product tester.

If you know Sesame Street, you may be saying to yourself, "One of these things is not like the other . . .", and you are right. Rider 1 & 2 have to wait at the top of every hill for me, and at every finish line now that I think about it, but we nonetheless share a lot of cycling philosophy. We recognize that bikes don't lie, we try to ride and race smart, we love the exhaustion that comes from hours in the saddle and we respect the difference between going for a ride and pinning on a number.

Together, we are pleased to be Team Two Wheel and we are looking forward to the 2009 cycling season.
Rider 3

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