Thursday, September 2, 2010

Single Speed Dreams

Hello. My name is Rider Three. I am a bike-aholic. It has been 4 months without a bike purchase, but I feel my will weakening. I am not here looking for your support. Just your understanding as I get ever closer to the bike purchase abyss yet again. You see, I know that I have a sickness, but I am just fine with it. I can stop whenever I want. I have control over it. But I really need a new bike. A single speed mountain bike.

What? An aging clydesdale does not need a single speed mountain bike? Are you crazy?

No, not crazy. That is exactly what will hold off the negative impact of both aging and clydesdale-ism. It is the perfect treatment for what ails me.

You just don't understand. You are always saying that the bike I have is just fine, but you just don't get it, do you? If my wife is okay with me buying a bike, why can't you be? Why can't you just be happy for me? You are such a drag. Always the buzz-kill. Do you have to live right there between my ears? Can't you find someplace else to go?

You see, when you drop off the derailleurs, the shock fork and that dang triple chainring set-up, you totally drop the weight of the bike, you make it SO much cheaper and you get this magical connection between the cranks and the wheel. Getting it geared just right means that you can take advantage of all three speeds - riding, standing and pushing. That is built-in flexibility right there. It's like cross-training just while you ride your damn bike!

I am seeing it right now . . . in my mind.

I need it. I really need it. Christmas just isn't that far away, is it?

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