Monday, April 5, 2010

Complete Streets

Frozen Flatlands will have to wait until tomorrow, but the Spokane City Council discussion of Complete Streets won't.

Here is Bike to Work Barb's explanation:

Here is Cycling Spokane's comment from Dean Speare:

And here is mine - Get to the City Council tonight if you can and show your support for Complete Streets that take into account bikes, pedestrians, mass transit AND cars, instead of considering "just" cars!

My step-dad has long said that we have plenty of traffic engineers at the City of Spokane, what we need is a pedestrian engineer. We are making progress on that thought process, but the law needs to change with it.


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog!

    I LOVE the line about needing a pedestrian engineer. If we can get a bike engineer while we're at it, we're all set.

    I wrote about an outrageous comment by a "professional traffic engineer" in another post--perfect illustration of your stepdad's comment (not someone who works for Spokane):


  2. It passed! 5-2 per Jonathan Brunt of the Spokesman, who reported via Twitter (@bruntjon) that Council members Bob Apple and Nancy McLaughlin voted against it. All others--sponsor Jon Snyder, Steve Corker, Richard Rush, Joe Shogan, & Amber Waldref--voted in favor.


  3. Bob Apple is the same guy who voted to cut the trees down on Bernard. He needs to go.