Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year - New Era

It is official, Team Two Wheel lives another year! While notes are still being gathered and the official transcript is still being compiled, the hard-fought and lengthy diplomatic negotiations at the Two Wheel Transit/Team Two Wheel Summit Meetings and Symposium appears to have resulted in the continuance of Team Two Wheel.

While not generating the same media coverage as the other team announced today (something about Luxembourg, but I wasn't really paying attention), there were at least two or three people paying close attention to the outcome of these multi-day, multi-party discussions.

So, for those interested parties, the news is good and further details will be emerging. There will be announcements about a handful of new riders and maybe another sponsor or two, but those things will have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, bask in the liquid sunshine pouring from our sky today and think of those days ahead when we will be back to riding a bike wearing clothing that weighs less than the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that this post, and future posts, will appear at as we transition from here to there. Also look for a significant expansion of political commentary from Rider Three at our expanded venue. Or not.

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