Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ride Announcement

Good Citizens of Morning Ride, let not the rain that falleth from the skies deter your spirits or spines for riders will be coming from many directions to gather at the Giant Shooting Fire Stick on the 14th of our city's primary paths, come rain or shine, both upon the morrow and yet again after the passing of a sun and moon. These hearty riders shall be steadfast in their aim and fecund in their goals. These gatherings shall be first upon the highest point of the sun, although it be obscured by the clouds and this time shall be obfuscated by the existence or non-existence of daily savings time. These riders shall go forth for a period of two passings of the sands and shall be undertaken with reasonable rapidity. The second of these gatherings shall be two passings of the sun prior to the highest point of the sun but shall be undertaken for four passings of said sands at a pace more reasonable to such duration. We know not where our wheels shall take us or upon which paths we shall trod, but please come for these festivities as the joviality of such gatherings shall increase upon the abundance of said participants.


Rocket on 14th Avenue, Saturday, Noon, 2 hours, tempo pace.

Rocket on 14th Avenue, Sunday, 10 am, 4 hours, endurance pace.

The more the merrier.

I don't know what "fecund" means, but it sounds smelly.

Rider 3

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